Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Very Short Engagement

I have been somewhat gobsmacked by all the media attention that the engagements (or should I say non engagements?) of the celebrity big brother contestents have been getting. First there was Preston and Camille, were they or weren't they? In some interviews he says yes and in others denies it, whilst other news sources clainm that they have evidence that he was spending nights with dimbo Chantelle.

Someone should tell Camille to get a life. For a start they are a bit young to get married, and any woman with any sense of self worth/respect shouldn't even consider marrying someone who a) is canoodling with another woman on national tv and saying to them that they are the kind of girl he would like to marry and b) is a pop star and young with all the temptations that brings with it. It's unlikely that a young guy in a famous band is going to reamin faithful especially when he already has an appalling track record.

And what about Pete Burns? His Engagement announcement was like keeping up with the Joneses, and what a farce. Announced on Richard and Judy and over in days. I can't help wondering if it was all just a big publicity stunt. Pete certainly does like being in the limelight.

Well there you go two of the shortest engagements in history and not an ounce of sincerity between them!

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