Thursday, October 28, 2010

the ego and creativity

I have been thinking a lot about art and creativity. Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about the human ego and how the ego makes us behave in negative ways but I have found myself wondering what would happen to our creativity if we lost the ego. Isn't it the ego that drives us to be creative - to produce, art, theatre, music etc? Obviously some of the arts are more ego-led than others and similarly some artists make their egos the sole focus of their work (Tacey Emin is an example that springs to mind and Antony Gormley). But would we still have the drive to create if we were ego-less, existing only in the present moment?

Friday, October 15, 2010

What I'm Listening to Right Now...

So I haven't blogged here for a bit and thought it might be time for a top ten tracks of the moment. My listening style seems to be somewhat erratic at the moment which is not necessarily a bad thing. so here goes - ten track and in no particular preferential order:

1) You Overdid it Doll - The Courteeners
2) Naive - The Kooks
3) Tenderoni - Kele
4) Crossfire - Brandon Flowers
5) Papillon - The Editors
6) Death - White Lies
7) Ghosts - The Lightning Seeds
8) King and Country - Seth Lakeman
9) Another Nail in my Heart - Squeeze
10) Radioactive - The Kings of Leon