Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bring me the Head of ......

Bring me the Head of ......
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Here is another collage from my skethbook project.

On a completely different note I have been trying to distract myself from the stresses and strains of attempting (albeit slowly) to become self employed. The first step towards this is that I have a therapy room on a Monday morning at Neal's Yard in norwich - although as yet only one client booked - nail biting stuff.

anyway as distraction I have been attempting to define my top 10 David Bowie songs - a difficult task as there are so many that deserve to be in there. and how terrible it would (and will) be if I leave out or overlook a something.
Well nothing Ventured nothing gained as they say in the scouts (well they don't really, I just made that bit up). I can always make another more refined top 10 at a later date.

1. Fascination
2. cat People (putting out the Fire)
3. Young americans
4. Sweet Thing
5. Within you
6. My Death
7. Wild is the Wind
8. Jump They Say
9. Hello Spaceboy
10. Heroes
11. Aladdin Sane
12. Kooks
13. Absolute Beginners
14. Little Wonder
15. In the Port of Amsterdam
16. Outside
17. Word on a Wing
18. The Man Who Sold the World
19. Moonage Daydream
20. Fantastic voyage

yes I know that's a top twenty and not a top ten - but it just turned out like that. Once I started I had to keep going!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Drawn Outside the Lines of Reason

Drawn Outside the Lines of Reason
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I am finally getting creative again - and here is the evidence. It's only a small start - I have started making collage etc in my sketchbook - but it's a relief I can tell you - I thought I had lost it for a bit back there!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good old Fashioned Stereo Loving Boy (or Girl)

I was reading an article in the Sunday paper about MP3 players. apparently manufacturers are now designing them to be more appealing to women. The author (female) was incensed by this - personally I don't understand what she was making such a fuss about. After all MP3 players have been designed to be attractive to the male market all along and you don't hear them moaning, so why not make them more appealing to girls? I quite fancy a nice purple mp3 player as long as they don't charge more for it.

Lets face it most electronic gadgetry is aimed at men - I find most it unappealing. My mum bought me a new stereo last year that my 13 year old gadgetoid son loves but I find hideous - all silver with loads of holes in the speakers - it looks rather like something off Blakes 7 and sounds like it too! In this techno-disposable age we seem to have lost the point with stereos - which is after all (or so I thought) to make the music sound good. Well that used to be the point anyway - now the point seems to be to be as bassy and loud as possible - presumably so that chavs and students can cause maximum discomfort to their neighbours.

Me - well I long for the days when amps came seperately and speakers were wooden with fabric on the front - weird maybe but it made sense. Those old stereos seemed to be much better made as well - we have had several of these new stereo system and they seem to have an internal self destruct mechanism that activates itself about a month after the years guarantee runs out - leaving you with a stereo that still looks new but chews up tapes and damages cds.

On a lighter less ranty note. I downloaded some Stranglers tracks on Sunday and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to them on my non-girly MP3 player on the way to my business skills course this week. In fact I have enjoyed them so much I may just have to rebuy the album on CD - see downloading music does boost music sales!

Monday, October 17, 2005

what floats my boat in a photo

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Just been looking through the photos on Flickr that I have tagged as my favourites (by other people. This photo is one of them - I noticed that I have some definite themes going on now - abstract pictures of things with holes in, spirals, pumpkins, autumn leaves in striking colours, single footprints in the sand, big waves, things with multi coloured mosaic type patterns on, interesting relections, hanging things, circular things (especially in groups, seagulls. interesting writing.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why a non-speaking dog is more lovable

N and I went to see the Wallce and Gromit movie at the cinema today and I have to say i thoroughly enjoyed it. It was VERY funny. Interestingly, later on whilst I was reading the Observer Magazine I noticed a small piece about wallace and Gromit asking why Gromit doesn't speak.

It may of originally been an accident that Gromit ended up not talking but I believe Wallace and Gromit would not be where they are today (world fame, movies etc etc) if he did.

Not speaking is what makes Gromit so lovable. For a start animals don't speak in real life, so (to us adults anyway) that makes him immediately more believable as a character (forget the fact that he does all that other non-doggy stuff!) It also somehow makes him seem more intelligent. Wallace chunters on, often talking a load of old b******s as humans often do, whilst Gromit just has to lift an impeccably timed eyebrow and you know exactly what he is thinking.

Wallace and Gromit are much like many other great comedy duos (Laurel and Hardy, Morecambe and Wise, The two Ronnies, French and Saunders, etc). Wallace is the loud bullying one who thinks that he is in charge, but of course the real brains of the outfit is the underdog (excuse the pun!) the ever silent and put upon Gromit, who clearly loves his master too much to have it any other way.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Barbie loses her head

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I spotted this very disturbing photo on Flickr today. I know society is becoming incresingly violent but this is beyond a joke. the culprit must be apprehended - is it Ken? He always seemed like such a nice wholesome guy but maybe he took the split up worse than we thought. Could it have been Skipper? there have been rumours of her depression for a while now.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

What makes Good Poetry?

I have just downloaded some tracks that I had as singles as a teenager (youngish teens I hasten to add!) and was shocked at the appaling shallowness of the lyrics. Now maybe I have been spoiled by listening to poets like Bob Dylan, John Martyn, Van Morrison and Horslips, and maybe I am too use to people like Green Day who have something to say and know how to use words - whatever but I am appalled by some of the lyrics I have just heard! For example:

If you’re a stranger here
And you need some action
We have a remedy
That could really catch on
Pleased to see another face
At light – up time
If you’re feeling dull and run – down
We can really make you shine

Dancing in the city
Alleys that we run through
Now we’ve just begun to
Have fun tonight
Dancing in the city
Alleys that we run through
Now we’ve just begun to
Have fun tonight

From Dancing in the city by Marshall Hain. It's an intereresting question as to what makes poetry good or bad or what makes literature good or bad. This week I started reading the new Harry potter book to N. J.K.s books are very readable but there is something not quite right about the writing and I just can't put my finger on what it is. I have decided to ask everyone I meet who says that they have read it, but so far noone has come up with an answer. Is it to do with sentence constrution? J.K. certainly uses enough long words etc so it's not that she's dim. and her ideas are good - but there is just something.

feel free to post if you know!

Franz, Pulp and the Jacko Jarvis Jumper fiasco

I have just been watching Top Of The Pops. It seems very weird to me that it is now on a Sunday night. Years ago it was on a Thursday, then they changed it to a Friday - which didn't seem to be such a good move as most young movers and groovers can only think about what they are going to wear to go out on a Friday night and which hip young boy/girl they might be snogging on the way home.

Anyway to get back to the point - Franz Ferdinand were on TOTP tonight. Now they are a band that I have to confess I don't know all that much about, except that they sell shitloads of albums and they come from Glasgow. Well as it turns out they are quite good, but is it me or do they bear an uncanny resemblance to Pulp. Not so much physically, but definitely lyrically and the sound and style.

Pulp are a band that really ought to be more sorely missed than they seem to be in my opinion. They were huge for a while but all that seemed to be lost after Jarvis showed Jacko his bum at the Brit awards. I could never really understand what all the fuss was about and I suspect that neither could Jarvis. Pop stars have been doing rebellious stuff like that since the 1950s - most stars have done something naughty in public - Blur, Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Beatles and The Sex Pistols to name but a few. So why was what J.C. did so bad? Everyone already knew that Jacko was a whacko and the whole god scenario that he had set himself up with for that particular award ceremony was just one step too far. Someone had to make a stand - and I think I speak for the good people of Britain when I say that we gave Jarvis a standing ovation in our sitting rooms - or at least muttered "good on yer mate" under our breath and cracked open another tinny (or cuppa - whichever takes your fancy).

Hairy Interfaces and Stringy Molecules

Why is it that netting and ropes make such good photos? I had great fun last weekend at walberswick taking pictures along the harbour.

This week has been mainly taken up with N's birthday and other such excitements so I have not been managing to blog as much as I would like.
Also have been trying to go to some galleries as it was the last week of the Norwich fringe art festival - although I must say that this year I have not seen anything that has blown me away. Maybe I am getting old and cynical - or maybe I am tired of seeing the same old stuff.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Truck Philosophy - The Barefoot Doctor and how We Can change our own Realities

Truck Philosophy
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This photo was uploded to Flickr by Pat Gwei and I love it - I know that I would love to live in a world of fantasy - reality can be scary! having said that I am reading a new Barefoot Doctor book called Manifesto - How to get what you want without trying - and it is awesome. It's great to find a "self-help" book that is written in in an accessible way. the style is more like that of a blog, so it is incredibly easy to read. (it's not that I am not literary, but if a self help book is too dry I just don't take it in).

I have read bits of other barefoot books but this one is the best (for me). Barefoot tells us how we all create our own reality and how we can go about creating an even better one for ourselves - now who wouldn't want that? This is done by imagining the things you want from life - starting with the basics like fresh air, clean water and food and progressing to more detailed scenarios like your ideal house.

One I find particularly amusing is where you imagine yourself as a money magnet with notes of all demoninations flowing towards you and sticking to you.

Other ways to change your reality are by using affirmations. Now I have long been a fan of affirmations. I started using them some years ago when I first worked through the Artists Way by Julia Cameron, and I go through phases where I use them regularly. There are some excellent (and funny) ones in manifesto and barefoot encourages us to make up our own. We are supposed to say them at least 6 times and while doing something else like getting dressed, hoovering or walking to work - or to sing them - I tried this and it's good fun - though you would feel silly if anyone overheard you!

I've only had the book a week so my life so far hasn't changed immeasurably, but I have been feeling positive and fairly happy - mostly - so so far, so good!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Top 5 Icecream Flavours

Hunchemuncher and I had apple crumble icecream in Southwold today and it was absolutely delicious - Huncher said it would have to go into his top 10 icecreams of all time. Now a top 5 of icecream flavours is a very hard thing to do, but I am going to bravely attempt it! Just bear in mind that taste in icecream is transient so I may have changed my mind by next week!

1) apple crumble
2)pistachio and amaretto
3)rum and raisin
4) mint choc chip
5) blackcurrant

Saturday, October 01, 2005

What the photos we like say about us

I've just been looking at the photos by other people that I have chosen as my favourites on Flickr and have noticed that there are several recurring themes.

water and the sea
collections of lots of the same object together (e.g. bottles)
archithecture - especially with curves in it
weird light effects/lanterns/fire
meaningful text
abstract art
spiky tings in nature
big skies

it's interesting to look at the kind of things you (I) like, I guess it says something about the kind of person one is - although I'm darned if I know what!

Maybe -
I am a somewhat spiky person who was a seagull in my last life, which has left me with a lasting affinity for water, the sea and big skies.

I long to live in a curved beach house made of stones and pebbles with abtract windows made from glass bottles and decaying woood, the house would glow with the warm light of many lanterns and an open fire.