Sunday, October 09, 2005

Franz, Pulp and the Jacko Jarvis Jumper fiasco

I have just been watching Top Of The Pops. It seems very weird to me that it is now on a Sunday night. Years ago it was on a Thursday, then they changed it to a Friday - which didn't seem to be such a good move as most young movers and groovers can only think about what they are going to wear to go out on a Friday night and which hip young boy/girl they might be snogging on the way home.

Anyway to get back to the point - Franz Ferdinand were on TOTP tonight. Now they are a band that I have to confess I don't know all that much about, except that they sell shitloads of albums and they come from Glasgow. Well as it turns out they are quite good, but is it me or do they bear an uncanny resemblance to Pulp. Not so much physically, but definitely lyrically and the sound and style.

Pulp are a band that really ought to be more sorely missed than they seem to be in my opinion. They were huge for a while but all that seemed to be lost after Jarvis showed Jacko his bum at the Brit awards. I could never really understand what all the fuss was about and I suspect that neither could Jarvis. Pop stars have been doing rebellious stuff like that since the 1950s - most stars have done something naughty in public - Blur, Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Beatles and The Sex Pistols to name but a few. So why was what J.C. did so bad? Everyone already knew that Jacko was a whacko and the whole god scenario that he had set himself up with for that particular award ceremony was just one step too far. Someone had to make a stand - and I think I speak for the good people of Britain when I say that we gave Jarvis a standing ovation in our sitting rooms - or at least muttered "good on yer mate" under our breath and cracked open another tinny (or cuppa - whichever takes your fancy).

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"I predict a riot..."