Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good old Fashioned Stereo Loving Boy (or Girl)

I was reading an article in the Sunday paper about MP3 players. apparently manufacturers are now designing them to be more appealing to women. The author (female) was incensed by this - personally I don't understand what she was making such a fuss about. After all MP3 players have been designed to be attractive to the male market all along and you don't hear them moaning, so why not make them more appealing to girls? I quite fancy a nice purple mp3 player as long as they don't charge more for it.

Lets face it most electronic gadgetry is aimed at men - I find most it unappealing. My mum bought me a new stereo last year that my 13 year old gadgetoid son loves but I find hideous - all silver with loads of holes in the speakers - it looks rather like something off Blakes 7 and sounds like it too! In this techno-disposable age we seem to have lost the point with stereos - which is after all (or so I thought) to make the music sound good. Well that used to be the point anyway - now the point seems to be to be as bassy and loud as possible - presumably so that chavs and students can cause maximum discomfort to their neighbours.

Me - well I long for the days when amps came seperately and speakers were wooden with fabric on the front - weird maybe but it made sense. Those old stereos seemed to be much better made as well - we have had several of these new stereo system and they seem to have an internal self destruct mechanism that activates itself about a month after the years guarantee runs out - leaving you with a stereo that still looks new but chews up tapes and damages cds.

On a lighter less ranty note. I downloaded some Stranglers tracks on Sunday and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to them on my non-girly MP3 player on the way to my business skills course this week. In fact I have enjoyed them so much I may just have to rebuy the album on CD - see downloading music does boost music sales!

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