Saturday, October 01, 2005

What the photos we like say about us

I've just been looking at the photos by other people that I have chosen as my favourites on Flickr and have noticed that there are several recurring themes.

water and the sea
collections of lots of the same object together (e.g. bottles)
archithecture - especially with curves in it
weird light effects/lanterns/fire
meaningful text
abstract art
spiky tings in nature
big skies

it's interesting to look at the kind of things you (I) like, I guess it says something about the kind of person one is - although I'm darned if I know what!

Maybe -
I am a somewhat spiky person who was a seagull in my last life, which has left me with a lasting affinity for water, the sea and big skies.

I long to live in a curved beach house made of stones and pebbles with abtract windows made from glass bottles and decaying woood, the house would glow with the warm light of many lanterns and an open fire.

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