Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stuck in the Middle....

Well I stand corrected! I had a copy of "Stuck in the Middle with You" and it had been labelled as being by Bob Dylan and like a gullible fool I believed that it was indeed Bob Dylan. The lyrics are very Dlylanesque, but there were tale tale signs - it wasn't up to the usual Dylan standard and it was quickly replaced by something else on the MP3 player.

Anyway last night Hunchermuncher told me that it was by Stealers Wheel and written by Gerry Rafferty and i very indignantly said I thouhgt itwas by Bob Dylan. But after extensive research this morning I admit - I was wrong it was indeeed Stealers Wheel and has never been recorded by Bob Dylan, although it does sound a little like him. And gusess what the track is wrongly attributed to Bob dylan millions of times all over the internet, now that must be a little annoying (or flattering?) for Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan who wrote it.

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