Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bad Hair Days and Singing Bananas

Had a slightly depressing shopping experience today - or should I say non-shopping expeience, as I valiantly tried and failed once again to find something to wear for the fast looming 40th birthday party. I may have to resort to a bin bag and a pair of fishnet stockings.

I am also having the worst hair day in the world (as well it would seem as a bad case of body dismorphia). Do you ever get those days where nothing looks right and you just feel completely unattractive? Well i am having one of those - I probably look normal to everyone else. I didn't cause any panic in the city. Noone came up to me and said godammit your hair looks bloody awful. In fact I didn't notice even one sidelong glance, which might suggest that I looked like a freak. So I can only surmise that it's mostly in my own head and probably something to with hormones.

I think I want some of what Madonna is having shes touching 50 and she looks great. Mind you having a personal trainer and a chef to cook you delicious yet low fat and nutritious food probably helps. I have enjoyed listening to the new madonna cd, which santa left for me. Madonna's talent seems to be for taking an idea and turning it into something more enduring. Take her original look and sound it was pure Bananrama who, you will remember (if you are old enough) were huge around the time Madonna emerged. Madonna adopted their look and turned their sound into something glossier, more accessible and more timeless - lets face it all those old madonna hits keep doing the rounds but you rarely hear Bananrama on the radio these days. She did the same with dance music, when she collaborated with William Orbit. It's like she feeds off whatever new idea is in the ethos at the time and expands it into something bigger and better.

Talking of Bananarama (and bad hair days!) I put Cruel Summer onto the MP3 player the other day and I have also been revisiting The Fun Boy Three, whatever happened to Terry Hall? it's about time that he made a comeback!

Hmm I was going to include a very amusing picture of a singing banana on this page but photos are too slow to upload today so instead I will give you a link to a game of banana checkers.


Ms. Write said...

LOL @ "I didn't cause any panic in the city."

I truly know what you mean. You just feel out of sorts, right? You look great, trust me. In fact, there is a chance you look better than you did yesterday becasue you didn't fuss over your look today. :-)

pupski said...

Thanks Ms Write!