Monday, February 27, 2006

Donnie Darko

N and I watched Donnie Darko this evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it (even though I have already seen it twice before!). It has a cracking 1980s soundtrack and bits of the film were clearly inspired by the Nirvana Smells Like teen Spirit video (especially the girls dancing in the show).

There's a lot going on in the film, and it's hard to get it all on the first watching. I think I did but I know several other people who didn't. I may have found it easier to understand the concepts because I used to be such a fan of Star Trek, and in Star Trek they are always popping in and out of alternate realities and universes and getiing out of fixes that turn out to have been created by their future selves. Donnie Darko is a very sad film, but there is also something uplifting about the fact that the boy goes back in time and sacrifices himself to save the ones he loves and give everyone a second chance. I think that kind of nobility appeals to me. I am after all a romantic at heart and what could be more romantic a death than that?

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