Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sad and Depressing Poetry....

N and I have been reading poetry today. he had to pick his two favourite poems for school. Easy, you might think but N it turns out is not keen on poetry. He likes humourous poetry but is not keen on most of the classics as they are too sad and depressing. I see what he means but I think I quite like sad and depressing poetry myself...what does thar say about me? Anyway in the end he plumped for "The Duck and the Kangaroo" by Edward Lear and "Limberick" by John Hegley.

For me there is too much poetry that I like and I think that I would find it hard to choose. But here are some of my faves:

Funeral Blues - W. H. Auden
The Lady of Shallot - Alfred Lord Tenyson
The Highwayman - Alfred Noyes
Bagpipe Music - Louis MacNeice
And After That - Federico Garcia Lorca
Your Breast is Enough - Pablo Neruda
Remembrances - John Clare
The Jumblies - Edward Lear
The Tale of Custard the Dragon - Ogden Nash
Memento - Federico Garcia Lorca

Couldn't find a link for the Lorca poem so will put it here....

And After That

The labyrinths
that time creates

(only the desert

The heart,
fountain of desire,

(Only the desert

The illusion of dawn
and kisses

Only the desert
A rolling

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