Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines and Roy Harper

Yesterday was valentines day, and obviously I was too busy making dinner for my lover to do my blog. Hunchermuncher gave me (amongst other things) a cd by Roy Harper called Counter Culture, which is in effect a Greatest Hits album. It is a selection of songs from over the long span of his career (first album 1966 - the year I was born!) chosen by the man himself. I have just listened to cd one and it is very good - although it has left me with a hankering for more and I will now have to get "Folk Jokepus" and "Flat Baroque and Beserk" on cd.

As a teenager my Favourite Harper album was "The Unknown Soldier", but later on (and now) I prefer his earlier more folky stuff, and there is some great accoustic guitar playing on some of those earlier tracks that I didn't notice so much when I was younger. Some of the humour and lyrics on the old albums date them a bit, but songs like "I Hate the White Man" just seem all the more poignant now.

What is news to me, however, is that Roy starred in a film in 1972 called "Made"- I would love to see it. it doesn't seem to be out on DVD but I will continue my investigations. Meanwhile here is the poster from the film.

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