Thursday, March 02, 2006

Claim to fame at 40

Well now I am 40 and do I feel any different? Well the answer is no, not really. I don't feel any more responsible than I was yesterday and I don't have any more wrinkles or grey hairs. My stress levels might be up slightly but that is probably due to the problems incurred when trying to get the software to run for my new Sony Mp3 Walkman. However despite the teething problems (we ended up ditching the software that came with it and downloading sonicstage) it is a truly beautiful PURPLE lovely machine.

I am investing in some really good headphones to go with it too, as when I compared mine to Hunchermunchers I realised how awful they sounded. I decide to get some the same as his - Seinnheiser PX100.

I am buying them with the money which I earned from selling one of my photos from flickr. I am very excited about it. A company in America contacted me last year about using it in a web site they were making for Sunkist soda, but I never really thought that it would come off. But low and behold this week they contacted me and then they paid me. You can look at the page the photo is on here, you have to click on the gallery, then make a movie and a bunch of pictures appears - mine is the one of orange plastic fencing. Anyway that's my claim to fame!

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