Friday, March 31, 2006

Demon Headmaster Poses as UK Secretary of State

I was listening to radio 4 today and Jack Straw was speaking and I was amzed at how robotic he sounded. N used to watch a children's tv programme called the Demon Headmaster which was about an evil maniac who posed as a headmaster in order to hypnotise and brainwash the kids - all part of his plan of world domination. I had noticed before that the Demon Headmaster looks a lot like Jack Straw the current Secratary of State. But today my suspicions were confirmed The Demon Headmaster is not just a work of fiction, he is alive and in government - the perfect place for him to brainwash government leaders and heads of state - not to mention all of us lowly citizens - just don't look into his eyes when he is speaking on the television - and if he takes his glasses of you'd better run for it.

Don't believe me?
well here is the evidence...

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