Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Filling up My Shiny Purple mp3 Player

Today I decided to get down in earnest to putting some tracks on my new siny purple MP3 player. A small task I thought, it might take me an hour or so - or perhaps an hour and a half. Oh how little I knew - three hours later and I am part way through putting the first playlist on.

I decided to only make five playlists to begin with - oldies, newish, rock, dance/disco and punk/new wave. Categories that I could roughly fit everything into that I have on the pc. Sorting them out into playlists took absolutely ages, not helped by the fact that the sony program hadn't transferred all the files properly so I had to play the beginning of each track to make sure that there was actually a track there to transfer and if there wasn't I had to transfer it from i-tunes to sonic stage. PHEW!

Now I am in the final stage of the process, which is transferring the playlists to the mp3 player and of course seeing if they all fit. I am keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed. So far I am on playlist to and it is at 4gb so they may not all fit. I am just wondering though if some of the tracks are on there already, whether it will recognize that or just duplicate them which would take up more memory. I probably should have deleted what was on there first. Ah well too late now.

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