Thursday, March 30, 2006

Balls to Sony

well here's the rub, after days spent trying to make the beautiful sony mp3 player work to no avail Hunchermuncher has convinced me that the best course of action was to send it back. I know he's right of course, but I did have an awful pang of sadness as we packed it back into it's beautiful shiny purple box. I even felt a glimmer of sadness this morning when I got another email from sony with more instructions for wiping stuff off my pc and reinstalling it all.

There's only so much of that stuff that you can take. I have wasted days and days trying to get that sony player working properly. Three days and nights this week alone and that's not counting all the other times I had to install and uninstall sony connect and sonic stage trying to stop my pc freezing up.

We are going for an ipod nano won't be purple and shiny, but I know the software works because I already run itunes with no problems and it is killing me having no music on my walks to work.

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