Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whatever Happened to...Thirteen Bands/Artists to wonder about

1…. The Bluetones
They were the next big thing a few years ago. Everyone had their first album, it's good I listened to it today. Then Poof I never heard of them again.
The Welsh siren et al.They were huge for a while but then bam, now you see them now you don't!
3....Damien Rice
What's that you say, storm in teacup?
4....Lemon Jelly
One really good album and some bits and pieces, time for something really good again I think.
5....Joe Jackson
He was great, he should definitely make a comeback.
6....The Communards
They were good on top of the pops!
Another band that were huge but then what. Probably off enjoying their money somewhere.
Now there's a band that should definitely make a com back. The world is a much bleaker place without them.
Forget all this Gorillaz rubbish, Blur were the real thing.
10....Terry Hall
Good in all of his incarnations.
11....Talking Heads
Yes I know David Byrne has done some good stuff without them. But sometimes a band just has the right chemistry.
Midge Ure should definitely be sharing that musical talent around a bit.
About time they resurfaced, noone writes lyrics as nonsensical as Jon Anderson.

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kontan said...

I've only heard of a few...sometimes it is best to just let them go by the wayside!

I'm up at

MysteriousLady said...

I don't know any of these! Must be different here in the states!

Happy TT

Norma said...

Got me! Never heard of any of them.

My TT is up.

Raggedy said...

I have not heard of any of those...
Good luck finding them..

My TT is up

Julia said...

Catatonia split up after Cerys went all mad. She's gone solo now, she's quite good. Pulp have grown up :( and Jarvis Cocker is married! with a baby! living in Paris! He's done some solo stuff, apparently it's filthy. Blur are meant to be coming back this year, but Damon Albran is so keen on the Gorillaz stuff that it has addled his brain :(

There you go. You know you're getting old when your favourite bands are classed as being classic Nineties music :(

My TT is on myspace.

Jeremy Conner said...

Joe Jackson...I had forgotten about him! Stepping Out!