Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bad Hi-fi Day

I am beginning to wonder if there is some kind of multi media poltergeist in my house. earlier on this year I had terrible problems with my Sony MP3 player that were only rectified by sending it back and getting an ipod. My pc has a problem where the time and date have reverted to 2002 every time I switch it on, the pc shop swore that this was to do with the battery but that was replaced a few months ago and now it has started doing it again. I had digital tv installed 2 weeks ago and we are now on our second digi box as the first had a sound fault. Not only that but NTL has the cheek to say they are taking the original seperate amounts of money out of my bank account for tv/phone/broadband that I was already paying - the whole point of swapping to digital was to bundle them all together and save money - eek! Finally I switched on my new stereo yesterday and now it only has sound through one speaker - grrrr. After lots of investigation the cd player has to go back - unlucky or what.

Maybe the gods are telling me to abandon all this electrical equipment and go back to nature. Maybe it's the planet telling us to stop using so much bloody electricity. Whatever!

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