Sunday, August 13, 2006

Depressed Poetry?

I wrote this poem this week, it probably still needs a bit of work but I was quite pleased with it. N said it is depressing and H said that it sounded like the person who wrote it was depressed - I don't think I was depressed at the time I wrote it - maybe more alarmed at what is going on in the world. Anyway thought I would put it in my blog to see what other people think - comments gratefully received!

Not so distant future

Gandalf’s in an Elfin fog,
Bond defies the reaper,
L.A.’s swamped in urban smog
And useless things get cheaper.

Sunny days are bad for you
And rain can’t give us water,
The Internet will damn our souls
And steal our sons and daughters.

Now every trip is plagued by fear
And everyone’s suspicious,
And kids don’t know their nursery rhymes,
Or tales about three wishes.

Now all the land is tarmac black,
And all that’s left is vehicles
And Barrett homes and Burger bars
And rivers black as treacle.

And fishes are only a memory
And happiness is fleeting,
And all that’s left of arts by now
Are tiers of plastic seating.


Tara said...

Hello there... First off, thank you for commenting on my page. I don't think it is depressed, but rather depressing. The world can be a very depressing place at the moment. I find it to be very realistic, which is my style. said...

yeah, slightly depressed. Great Poetry

A7xLoVeR said...

I love this Im glad im not the only one coming to my senses im only 14 and i hate all this war i guess i should be a hippie lol