Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Girlfriend in a Coma A Must Read Book

I have just finished reading a great novel by Douglas Coupland. A kind of semi fantasy book, that starts out like a regular novel then gets progressively weirder. It also has more allusions to Smiths songs than just the title (but he has more recently published a novel title Elaenor Rigby so he must be into the song title theme).

It makes a change to read a novel that leaves you thinking about bigger issues but also is a thoroughly good read (the other that springs to mind is T C Boyles "A Friend of the Earth"). This book does both of these things in spades, it takes you on a mindbending, reality twisting, roller coaster of a journey along with its main characters and once you are hooked in to their story you are powerless to get off until the end. But at the same time it leaves you with a slightly uncomfortable feeling that there is more you could be doing with your life and more to life than we know - and that's no bad thing.

I won't say too much as that would spoil the ride for any of you who haven't yet read it but the book is essentially about a girl who wakes from a coma after 17 years and what has happened to her friends meantime. But there is oh so much more to it than that - you'll just have to go read it yourself!

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