Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pure Magic - Lightning Seeds

Today I was listening to the cd "Pure" by The Lightning Seeds. I had forgotten just how much I like it. I used to have the album on a pre-recorded tape but had found it hard to find on cd. I was lucky this week though, I managed to pick up a second hand copy from ebay for 99p (in great condition too) what a bargain, it is worth every penny and more.

Pure is a compilation with an impressive 18 poppy tracks. There is a very optimistic feel to this album. It has some great vocal harmonies, some jaunty synth and catchy guitar riffs, couple that with great production and you have the perfect recipe for a great album. Collaboraters include Terry Hall (of The Specials and The Fun Boy Three). Some of the lyrics may seem a little naive and twee by today's standards but somehow that just adds to the charm and appeal of the album.

Pure has a real feel good vibe, it was made before the Lightning Seeds hit the mega big time, so before Ian Broudie became cynical and jaded by the cult of celebrity and the music industry (listen to the track "Brain Drain" on the "Like You Do" album for an example of this!) Ian Broudie was a reluctant star at the best of times, but this album is a reminder that he is a musical force to be reckoned with. Maybe not a a star guitarist like Clapton or Blackmore. But he certainly has his own brand of musical magic.

High Points:

Love Explosion - this is best listened to on headphones, in bed in the dark, it's amazing - all girls wish that someone would write them a song like this.

Sense - co-written by Terry Hall who also sings on the track. This is a brilliant track and leaves me wishing that a) Broudie and Hall would write/perform together more and b) That Hall would make some kind of musical come back. Anything he was involved in was always innovative and well worth listening to.

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