Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thirteen Things this Girl Can't Live Without

Thirteen Great Inventions that This Girl Can't Live without

well actually I could live without them but my life would be infinitely less convenient - I am not including all the obvious (lightbulb etc) as that would take up the whole list....
1…. The Telephone
Without this I wouldn't be able to keep in contact with my mum who lives 200 miles away.

2...Hair Crimpers
These prevent my hair looking like a rookery...not that I'm vain or anything.

3...MP3 player
tiny pieces of lovliness for the eyes and ears.. I love mp3 players - and to think in the 1980s we thought that ghetto blasters were cool! (and portable!?)

4...The Umbrella
Much under rated, but essentially allows you to go out without always having to drag a bulky coat along with you...I just wish they could make a small one that is wind proof.

5...The Cafetiere
How did we manage without this gadget. Before the cafetiere came along it was all nescafe instant or coffee makers that took an hour to make your coffee as well as taking up half of the space in the kitchen!

6...The continental quilt
I still remember all those dusty, scratchy blankets that I endured as a kid, and a candlwick bedspread. They weighed a ton too, I love the quilt.

7...The Internet
All that knowledge at your fingertips, not forgetting online scrabble and blogging of course.

8...Roller ball ink pens
biros just suck and fountain pens leak and blot. With a roller ball you get the best of both worlds and your words can flow unchecked onto the page.

9...The bag
Now what a clever invention this is and I would be lost without one - how men manage with just a jacket pocket I will never know...

10...The train
Wow another marvel. You get from a to b relatively fast, they are safer than the motorway, plus you can get up, walk around, eat, drink, read, write, sleep, go to the loo and all while you are hurtling along.

you know spectacles, the things that help blinders like me see better...I would be lost without mine!

what a great idea that was! Someone had to take that first bit of chalk, pooh or whatever and go "Oh I wonder what would happen if I rubbed it on this wall" clever stuff!

13...The cooker
without this I would be chopping kindling at 6am every morning.

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Vicky said...

I think I would have to agree with you about the Internet and Glasses! Definitely 'must haves'!

Natsthename said...

Yes, cannot do without the INTERNET! How did we ever exist without it?!

Mommy the Maid said...

I do not live without a phone or the internet :D

This Pastor's Wife said...

A good pen is indeed a treasure. Great list.

Knitting Maniac said...

I definitely could not do without my glasses ... or my Internet. I am a geek, I guess.

Zeus said...

Life without the internet would be no life at all! I also appreciate fine art so I would have to have that as well!

Happy Thursday to you, and feel free to visit my list as well!

Kimmy said...

Yes! Very thankful for most of those on your list. Portable ghetto blasters... that is funny when compared to iPods/MP3 players ;)
Happy T13! My list's up!

cass said...

Great list. Ghetto blasters, yeah, but don't forget about the Sony Walkman. That was the iPod of the 1980s. I agree about the Internet. I have no idea how I filled my time before 2001, when I got a home PC. :)

Jenny Ryan said...

Oh yes, I PASSIONATELY love my MP3 player!

Jersey Girl said...

The internet changed my life dramatically more than 10 years ago! Who knew!