Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That I Would Buy if I Came into Money PUPSKI

1…A House
and preferably a detached house that is not next door to a bunch of noisy students...not that I am moaning or anything....

2...A Laptop (computer)
I would love one of these! I am sure that it will be guns at 4pm when I start my degree in September as N and I vie for use of the computer. And just imagine, writing my blog on the sofa....aaaah.

3...A New Gas Cooker
It would be great to have one where the door of the bit underneath where you store trays doesn't keep falling off! Mine has been broken for abot 10 years, so it's abot time. What would be rally nice would be one of those big fancy steel ones but I would need a new kitchen for that.

4...A Decent Sound System
The old fashioned kind with seperate turntable and amplifier. i am making do with one of those all in one systems that my mum bought me but it's not great (sorry mum!)

5...A Bycycle
Mine is knackered and it wasn't great to begin with. Not only would it help me to keep fit but it would get be from a to z quicker as well.

6...A new Bed
Mine is past it and is begining to break - it 13 years old though and was a cheap one at the time.

7...A new sofa
one that doesn't look like you ate yeasterday's dinner off it.

8...Some funky Glasses
I have had mine for over two years and could do with a change.

9...A lovely Summer skirt
a whole wardrobe of beautiful clothes would be nice, but I would make do with one really nice summer skirt that looked great on.

10...A pair of sandals that look great and are comfortable to walk in.
Is this asking too much...I keep reverting back to my comfy old clarks sandals that are at least two years old and look it. The trouble is they are beginning to smell - in the way that old sandals do....

11...Driving Lessons
Now that would change my life!

12...A couple of weeks on a health farm
Lose weight whilst eating delicious and healthy food that you have not prepared yourself, and submit to the daily torture of yoga, massage, meditation etc....bliss....I should be so lucky.

13...A trip to America for Me, N and D.

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Christine said...

My husband always said he'd like just enough money to be comfortable....I'd like all of the things you listed too! Our bed's going on 10yrs. I got the new sofa, and glasses, I need a new entertainment center, and dining table...Thanks for visiting my TT! Have a great day!

Bar Bar A said...

Come visit the US!!! Fun list of things :)

Kelly said...

What a fun list! What I wouldn't do or own if only I had the money!

Great TT!

EmilyRoseJewel said...

I wish I had a laptop. It would be nice. With more money I want more clothes-a bigger house like you, shoes, oh I wish...may be one day for you and I both. Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Thursday!

Wystful1 said...

Well, I think we all would do the same.

Good list.

my t t is up

Chi said...

I'd love to get a new sofa too...that would be nice. *s*

Thank you for visiting my TT today.


Same here. Would like to buy a small house for hubby and me. One small cozy house fully loaded.
Thanks for dropping by.

Mama Kelly said...

as someone who needs to be wearing glasses to find my glasses i understand wanting a cool pair

kristarella said...

I wouldn't mind some of those. The first thing I'd buy would be a digital SLR camera =)

Thanks for coming by mine!