Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kasabian and other goodies

I have been listening to a few tracks by British band Kasabian. I saw their video for "Clubfoot"
on a music programme on tv yesterday. I really like their style they are gritty and fresh and unlike other bands around at the moment. They hail from Leicester (not that we will hold that against them) and they are currently touring the US, although they do plan to play a couple of festivals in the UK this summer. Tracks to check out : "Clubfoot", "Reason is Treason" and "Butcher Blues".

I was trying to think of someone to compare them too but can't right now - maybe a young Suede on speed?

Other newies are The Subways - also British - apparently hailed as the next big thing by the music press. they have a single out called "Rock n Roll Queen" but "Oh Yeah" is also worth a listen.

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