Monday, May 22, 2006

Dishwashers of the world unite.....

It has been very gray, wet and windy here in Norfolk these past few days. A bit like winter. Not that I am complaining - we need the rain, everywhere you look you read that Britain is about to have it's worst drought in over a century. And it's also true that there has been very little rain this last winter, so any little helps.

I can't help wondering though, when they talk about hosepipe bans and having stand pipes in the street if there isn't more that could be done BEFORE the crisis actually occurs. Mass fixing of all those leaky Victorian pipes that still run under most streets in Norwich perhaps or a dishwasher ban.

There are hundreds of people using dishwashers that don't really need them There was a couple on some property show the other day. A Young professional couple, mid twenties, both at work all day so one would guess that they don't even generate that much washing up. One of their main criteria in buying a house was to be able to fit there dishwasher in the kitchen. For just two people to fill a dishwahsher would take nearly a week so I would guess they are running at a third of it's capacity most of the time - now that is a waste of water.

Hunchermuncher pointed out that a dishwasher ban would be hard to enforce - maybe the government could declare a dishwasher amnesty and give some recompense to those who hand them in. If no more domestic dishwashers were produced it would be great for water saving and good for the environment. (Less use of materials, no more disposing of unwanted and broken washers, plus you use more chemicals in a dishwasher than you ever need to just washing up).

On a lighter note I thought I would post this picture of an Iris that I took in Southwold a couple of years ago. A bit of light and beauty to brighten up a dull wet day.

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Anonymous said...

I've never owned or used a dishwasher in my life.

It's still very wet,

and your blogspot is still very pink...

I saw Adrian Byron Burns Sat night.
Hung out with him after the show and propped up the bar drinking JD's and shooting the s**t into the wee small hours.

I don't ask musicians to sign their cd's.

I did him...