Friday, November 11, 2005

The Road to....10 Great Songs about Roads

Top 10 Songs About Roads
Now here's a bit of silliness for you.....
Not actually my favourite road song but is number one by virtue of the fact that the yellow Brick Road in question has appeared in two songs, and making it number one means I don't have to include the original!
A modern day classic! Green Day have evolved into something amazing with their last album and long may it continue.
A somewhat depressing look at american city life by the master of cynicism.
One of my faves from the all american boss who tells it like it is.
Great song from the 1980s by the Heads, Road to Nowhere is also the name of a band and you can hear them here.
Probably favourite Straits track (along with Local Hero) and one of their longest too.
A first melodic entry for the fab four.
The Sabbaths before they were ruined by drink and drugs...
Probably Americas most famous road, and done by many artists - I like this version though!


Anonymous said...

Deep Purple - Highway Star - stretching it a bit as it's about driving a car rather the road itself - a cool list idea - I know I'm going to think about this one.

As for Thatcher's Britain - New Model Army - 1984 immediately springs to mind (about the miner's strike) Spirit of the Falklands off the first album.

UB40 - One in ten.

Anonymous said...

Oh bugger - I have to keep going back to the lists to remind myself what went where - UB40 already in another list! - ah well... it's all good fun!