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What a lot of rot
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I have been feeling a bit like this piece of wood this week, holey and rotten. Plus I am writing my blog today on a terminal at the public library because (wait for it!) there is a mouse sized spider in my computer room and I am too scared to go in there and sit at the pc. Laughable I know but there it is and I kid you not it is the size of a small mouse and boy can it run fast.

Well to more important matters. I thought that I might do a bit more of my top 100 songs of all time.

Here goes....


31) Crosby Stills Nash and Young - Wooden Ships

This was another track that was hard to choose, I had it down to this one or Heplessly Hoping, both of which are excellent in my opinion. I have loved CSNY since I was a teen those harmonies stir something within my soul.

32) The Who - We Won't Get Fooled Again

Love the Who and this a classic. Was great to see them perform it again on Live8 recently. Roger Daltrey is still charismatic after all these years.

33) U2 - it's a Beautiful Day

Another hard track to choose and U2 have done so many good ones. This one is uplifting though and i like that in a song!

34) James Taylor - Sweet Baby James

Adore James Taylor and it was a toss up between this track and Fire and Rain. JT is great for when you are feeling blue.

35)Steelydan - Barrytown

From the most excellent album Pretzel Logic. This has always been my favourite ST track. Not sure why actually but sends a shiver down my spine.

36) Roy Harper - How does it Feel

from Folk Jokepus
Used to be absolutely mad on Roy when I was younger. Very good for young hippies, not quite so keen now as I was but have been revisiting him recently for nostalic reasons. My favourite album as a teenager was The Unknown Soldier, but it does not date so well as this one. Some of the lyrics on Folk Jokepus make me cringe a little now - but you miust remember it was made around 1973 and things have changed a lot since then.

37) Don Mclean - American Pie

An absolute classic that I still can remember the words to. A long, long time ago...

38) Stiff Little Fingers - At the Edge

Didn't have much by SLF, but loved this single and it still sounds fresh today. Seems more and more relevant as N heads towards being a teen, hope I'm not like the parents in the song though...

39) The Clash - White Man in Hammersmith Palais

You can never have too much Clash can you? This is early Clash, and one of their best.

40) Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart

From the album 2112
Rocking Yes. This reminds me of a time when I was staying in Devon and drinking far too much. Great Summer listening.

41) Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heavens Door

From the soundtrack to the excellent but weird film Pat Garret and Billy the Kid.

42) The Smiths - Last night I dreamt that Somebody Loved me

A poignant moment from Morrisey et al.

43)Santana - She's not There

There was a local band in my hometown that used to play this song, but this is the best version I have heard. The combination of superb guitar and vocals just gives it a special something.

44) Doors - When the Musics Over

This really is brilliant. I can't often be bothered to listen to the doors these days, the tracks are so long. Really you have to listen to it in a darkish room with candles and incense and minimal conversation - then it can really blow you away.

45) Horslips - sure the Boy was Green

From the album Aliens
Horslips somehow never got the fame and recognition that they so obviously deserve (give this album a listen and you will see what I mean!).

46) Billy Bragg - The New Brunette

"Shirley...." A sublime moment from the Bragster, excellent lyrics!

47) The Beatles - here comes the Sun

From Abbey Road.
Well you've gotta have a Beatles song haven't you? I always remember someone playing this after a party and the sun came out ...oh those heady days of youth...

48)Patti Smith - Frederick

From Wave
Was heavily into Patti Smith for a while, she is best known for her famous single Because the Night, ehich is NOT on this album.

49) Thin Lizzy - Don't believe a Word

Loved Phil Lynott and not just for his sultry looks. Classic rocking stuff!

50) Guns n Roses - Sweet Child O Mine

Unleash those air guitars Slash is in the house.

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