Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Meerkats and all that... who are they and why are they coming?

These stencils are all over Norwich city centre. I looked on the web to see if I could get to the bottom of it and all I got was that the meerkats are coming to Indianapolis zoo in 2006 and I'm sure that's not it.

What could it be I am intrigued -
things it could mean:
1) a band
2) a website (but they would have put a url surely)
3) a cartoon
4) real meerkats coming to take over Norwich and the world.
5) a gang of some kind

I guess it is high time that I finished my top 100 tracks as well, because i seem to have been dragging it out for a long time so here goes...

71 - 100

71) Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Everyone knows that opening guitar riff. Dust down your air guitar and shake loose that hair....

72) David Bowie and the Pet Shop Boys -Hello Spaceboy

More magic from Senor Bowie, this time with a little dance treatment from the P.S.Bs - it's enough to send a girl into orbit.

73) Talking Heads - Burning Down the House

hadn't listened to the Heads for some while and then heard them recently at a party. What amazed me is how dancable it is, and how much I still like it.
Watch out
You might get what you’re after
Cool babies
Strange but not a stranger
I’m an ordinary guy
Burning down the house

74) Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle

Time keeps on trippin, trippin trippin...into the future

75) Bob Dylan - The Changing of the Guard

From Street Legal, and know he doesn't mean the guard at Buckingham Palace! I've said it before and I'll say it again I love the lyrics of this track.

76) Roxy Music - out of the Blue

I absolutely love this track and maybe it should have been higher up the chart. The into is sublime and always sends a shiver up and down my spine. Brian Ferry has a very sexy voice.

77) Manic Street Preachers - A Design for Life

From the album Everything Must Go.

Libraries gave us power
Then work came and made us free
What price now for a shallow piece of dignity

For me this is their best album and there may be another track in this chart...

78)Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must go

Was hard to narrow it down to two tracks, other contenders were Enola Alone and Austrailia

79) Mark Cohn - perfect Love (with James taylor)

From the delicious album simply titled Mark Cohn. Once again hard to choose just one track. It was a toss up between this one and Walking in Memphis (two very different tracks). Love James Taylors harmonies on this track, they give it a drop of extra magic.

80) Ray Lamontagne - Trouble

From the album of the same name. The only thing I don't like about this album is the picture on the cover!

81) Justin Heywood - Forever Autumn

Yes I know it's a bit corny but I like it anyway, featured on Jeff Waynes War of The Worlds. A feel good song.

82) Gary Numan - Cars

From the brilliant album The Pleasure Principle. I recently brough Premier Hits, but it just wasn't as good so I ended up buying the Pleasure Principle on cd (i think I still have it on vynl). it was a close run thing between this track and M.E., which incidently is where Basement Jaxx sampled the Moog synth bass line used in the song Where's Your Head At.

83) David Bowie - Can you Hear Me

Another great track from Young Americans, heartfelt!

84) David Bowie - Jump They Say

From the album Black Tie White Noise. This track also has a great video.

85) Jet - Are you gonna be my Girl

Pure pop genius

86) Bad Company - Shooting Star

From the album Straight Shooter.

87) John Lennon - Number Nine Dream

I love this track, much prefer this to the more famous Imagine.

88) Jackson Browne - Late for the Sky

Thanks to the excellent Nick Hornby for introducing me to this track.

89) UB40 - One in ten

Hard to choose a UB40 track, my favourite album of theirs is Labour of Love (the original) But I think their early tracks are definitely the most meaningful and they really sum up what the 1980s were about for us ordinary folks.

90) Simply Red - Stars

I know it's probably not cool but I do like the album Stars...

91) The Police - Roxanne

From Outlandos d'Amour
I rmember when I bought this in the co-op, I was so pleased and I couldn't wait to get home and play it, I must have been 12 or 13. Definitely the best Police album - a bit raw and unpolished but with such energy and vision - wow!

92) REM - Man on the Moon

From Automatic for the People one of the greatest albums ever made.

93) Robbie Williams - Feel

Not keen on Robbie as a person, but really like a couple of his tracks and this is one of them.

94) Paul Weller - You do Something to Me

a great love song

95) Led Zeppelin - Ramble On

Great, no more no less.

96) Radiohead - Street Spirit (fade out again)

sorry this deserves to be higher, the chart is just a formality really - it's the inclusion that counts.

97) Wishbone Ash - Blowin Free

This should have been higher too!

98) Phil Collins - Against All Odds

I know, I know, well doesn't everyone have a guilty secret. And what's so bad about Phil Collins anyway?

99) Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me

This track always reminds me of a film called The Breakfast Club that I really liked when i was younger - about a bunch of kids in detention on a Saturday morning.

100) Depeche Mode - I feel You

A Great track

sorry to all those tracks that just didn't quite make it like Climax Blues Band - Couldn't Get it Right, Sniff n hthe Tears - Drivers Seat and Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper.

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