Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm a Tot and you're a Tot, a girls hankering to be a puppet TV Star

Tilly Tom and Tiny
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Fancy a ride with these three? Well sadly adults are too big to fit on the ride! Shame!

Seriously though, I used to watch Tots TV with N when he was little and I wouldn't mind being Tilly (she's the girl). For a start she has a very alluring French accent, guranteed to turn the boys on. Secondly the Tots live in a beautiful thatched cottage in Suffolk, all they do is play all day and they have a pet squirrel. Tilly also has a magic sack - le sac magique. So you see it could be a pretty good life all in all.

True you would have to put up with those boys Tom and Tiny, but Tilly is in control I think.

It's great how everything in seaside towns is a bit out of date. The arcade machines are things like the empire strikes back, years old but great for retro kids who are into Star Wars. Tots TV was popular in the mid 1990s and a lot of kids now might not even know who they are... although I think they were showing repeats recently.

I like this about those small coastal towns though. I find the datedness oddly comforting, I like the fact that they are not trying to hard and you can just take it or leave it. And of course if there's no other choice we often take it.

I like those 2p arcade machines, although I resisted the temptations of the arcade this time.

5 great things to do in Cromer
1) paddle in the sea
2)visit the second hand book shop and buy a book
3) have crumpets and earl grey tea in a cafe and read your new book
4)take photos
5)ummmm- go home again


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pupski said...

thanks for positive feedback - please don't put commercial ads on my comment page though - ta.