Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We will rock you

Cairn Cornwall May 2005 by Pupski Posted by Hello

I made this mini Cairn on the rocky beach at Mousehole in Cornwall last week.

I am still finding out more about Cairns and it seems that they are to be found all over the world in some form or another.

Clicking on today's title will take you to a site about cairns in Pensylvania, the cairns there are many and varied but noone really knows why they were built.

For myself I find cairn building a slightly compulsive and therapeautic pasttime. It puts me in touch with the earth and the elements and is extremely satisfying, it gives me a sense of being connected to the past, knowing that people have created similar structures for thousands of years. There is also great pleasure in building them on the beach where you know that ultimately they will be washed away by the high tide, the rocks reclaimed by swirling salty water so that but for phot or memory you would never know that they were there.

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