Monday, May 09, 2005

A soft centre too far....

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Had a very traumatic experience on Friday. I had a huge craving for chocolate and bought a packet of Revels from the corner shop. Now I don't buy chocolate all that often (well not every day) and when I do I expect it to be a truly amazing and delicious experience or else at least a nostalgic one.

Well imagine my horror when I discovered that they had removed the peanut Revels from the Revels packets. Not only that (as if that wasn't bad enough!) but they have replaced them with (wait for it...) raisin. Raisin!!!! Yes you heard me right not that I have got anything against chocolate raisins, in fact I quite like them, they were in fact in part responsible for me gaining weight when I was pregnant ... but they have no place in a packet of Revels.

A packet of Revels is nothing without the peanuts, when the peanut is there you can put up with the too many toffees and the coffee ones and the crunchy combination of the minstrels, maltesers and chocolate peanuts is just right. To take away the peanut and replace it with a raisin is just one soft centre too far!!!!

It was bad enough when they stopped making Peanut Treats, Skittles are just horrible in comparison and who needs all that chemical colouring - I say bring back peanut Revels and do it soon!

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