Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Nice Sandwich...

A nice sandwich Posted by Hello

Well I got to thinking about sandwiches (as you do!). Not my favourite subject in the world but one that is definitely worthy of a mention.

Personally I am not a great fan of the sandwich. I like the occasional fake bacon butty, especially if the bread is white and soft and I like a good sandwich if the filling is excellent and the bread tasty. I recently discovered a yummy organic sandwich in Boots the chemist of all places (watercress, grated carrot and humous on some sort of grainy bread - yum).

I think I went off sandwiches after years of enduring the packed lunch at high school. My mum was going through a homemade bread phase and although homemade wholemeal bread is delicious with melty butter straight from the oven or yummy toasted, it is not so great two days old, slightly dry and served as a doorstop sandwich with piccalilli in the middle!

My other pet sandwich hate is the jam sandwich. I don't know what it is about the jam sandwich. Jam is fine on bread on it's own but put a lid on it and it's yucksville! Especially bad made with white sliced (dead) bread that has been open a couple of days!

Top Ten "bad" lunchbox sandwiches:

1. Jam (any kind) especially on white bread
2. Honey - sinks into the bread during the morning so when you come to eat it it's all dry - yuck!
3. Piccalilli on homemade wholemeal.
4. Dripping - could never stomach this even when I did eat meat.
5. Just cheese - cheddar cheese is so dry it always needs an accompaniment to give it a lift otherwise it just sticks to the roof of your mouth.
6. Sandwich spread - who invented this??? we liked it for a while in the seventies but now - you gotta be kidding.
7. Luncheon meat or spam - YUCK - need I say more?
8. Paste - remember those little jars, smells like cat food and tastes just as bad.
9. pilchard or sardine - I don't eat fish now but could never handle those little bones - also makes the bread soggy and horrible!
10. Sugar - wasn't sure whether to include this one, the sandwich that our grannies used to give us and definitely not politically correct these days!

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