Friday, May 13, 2005

Rotten to the core?

rotten to the core Posted by Hello
picture by Pupski

Everything looks beautiful today - the wind is blowing, there is blossom on the trees, the grass is lush and green, the birds are singing...Spring has well and truly sprung.

The only thing that spoils it is us! Us grumpy, sweary, angry humans. Is society rotten to the core? why is everyone so stressed and angry? Is the world just too fast for us to cope with? Are mobile phones destroying our brains? Is the world just too damn noisy these days with all the traffic, aircraft, mobile phones, sirens, lawn mowers, power tools, construction noise, tv, hi-fi etc? All that background noise can't be good for you.

I sometimes long to be somewhere you can't hear any human generated noise at all... just the wind in the leaves, the swish of waves over shingle or the gentle patter of rain, birds singing...if only I had a time machine....

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