Sunday, November 14, 2004

Saturday 13th November 2004 - destroy....

Today we went to a jumble sale because I needed to buy some fabric for my textile work. It was interesting - there was a time when I used to go jumbling every week but it just doesn't give me that same thrill anymore. I did get some good fabric though. It was funny when it came to cutting the garments up I felt reluctant to do it - even though that was what I had bought them for. There was some small part of me that was saying no thats a dress you can't destroy it. My rational mind was saying its fom a jumble sale, it cost 20p, it may have ended up on the rag van if you hadn't bought it, it doesn't fit you and anyway it's destined to become part of a work of art.....but it was hard to cut up clothing!

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