Tuesday, November 02, 2004

2nd November 2004 (Tuesday)

Well - today is apparently the day of the U.S. presidential elections, so naturally once I had recovered from giving my textile presentation my thoughts turned to politics.....

On Sunday I took my 12 year old son and his two friends trick or treating (for Halloween) around our neighbourhood - it's a real community thing round here - one man answered his door wearing a rather scary latex Tony Blair mask. Who's he meant to be the boys asked one another - after a little discussion they decided that he was George Bush.... an intersesting mistake.... or is there something they're not telling us?

Seriously though I was remembering what a political animal I was when I was younger. I rocked against racism, marched with CND, held hands around Greenham Common, petitioned against public transport cuts, spoke at the labour party conference. In the 80s teenagers were political - now hardly anyone is. Is it really that there is not much difference between one party and another or is that a line fed us by the media and the government to keep us down and stop us trying to change things???

As that wise sage Captain Picard once said "What we need is a kick in our complacency to put us in touch with what is really happening...."

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