Monday, January 01, 2007

Books, Books, Books

It's been a very literary christmas in our house this year. Both N and I got lots of books and Hunchermuncher had a few too. N being a 14 year old had several books about computer gane design, a novel about a wolf, a book on the art of the Muppets and a book about Manga. Hunchermunchers selections were Curb Your Enthusiasm, a crossword book and a book on web design. Mine were mostly art and literature, just what I like.

The Writer's Life - Ellen Gilchrist
The Collected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca
The Ice Queen - Alice Hoffman
Illumination Night - Alice Hoffman
100 Albums that Changed Music - ed. Sean Egan
Postsecret - Frank Warren
The Picture Book, Contemporary Illumination - ed. Angus Hyland


theprovocativecynic said...

Is The Writer's Life a new publication? I have Gilchrist's journals but haven't heard of this..........

pupski said...

I think it is from 2005, found it on amazon - they send it from USA

theprovocativecynic said...

Thanks - let me know what you think of it and maybe I'll get a copy.