Monday, January 08, 2007

I Say what terribly bad manners

I am appalled - I just saw a video - or rather half a video by the band the Towers of London. Why am I appalled? Well for a start both the song and the video seemed to be a direct rip off of Green Day, and secondly I have never seen such a contrived load of ... in my life.

Lets start at the beginning - last week N wanted to watch the opening episode of celebrity Big Brother and as he is 14 I indulged his whim. It was terrible, as usual a couple of people who had actually done something worthwhile and the usual bunch of self promoting has beens and would bes. One of these was Donny Torette from the aforementioned Towers of London, who made a complete tit of himself making rude gestures and swearing at the press as he entered the house. Now don't get me wrong I am not a prude and I like a bad boy just as much as the next girl. But not a contrived bad boy. Everything about Donny Tourette is an an act, it comes across as completely fake. You can just imagine the boys from Towers (being very nice really) sitting around one day saying, we haven't got any musical talent so how can we get famous, ah I know behave as badly as we can, swear at everyone etc etc.

I can't help thinking it's all been done before but with more conviction - anyone remember the Sex Pistols perchance?

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