Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wednesday's child is full of...Happiness?

phew I have finally finished my critical studies - I have been working on it solidly for the last four days, that's as well as all the hours of research I have put in. At last I can have a bit of time to do the important things in life - like posting on my blog!

Today I have been thinking about new years resolutions - this year I haven't really made any. mainly because most years I make the same ones and don't keep them. There are lots of things I would like to change in my life though, moving house for one, and being less grumpy when things are busy and stressful. What is it I wonder that makes some people have a happy disposition and some of us less cheerful. Is it conditioning, the way our parents behaved when we were young? or is it some inherent personality trait (the happy gene)?

My guess is that it is a mixture of the two and my excuse...well I was born on a Wednesday and you know how the rhyme goes...

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theprovocativecynic said...

Congratulations - isn't it a hideous race to the end where Critical Studies is concerned?!