Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lines and margins

it's a funny thing, when I was younger I used to like writing on blank paper. It didn't matter too much about the colour, although when I look back at old bits of writing they often seem to be on white, lilac or yellow. I suspect, though, that it was more about what was to hand than any real preference. A lot of it is in biro as well - probably for cheapness.

Now however, I can't writing in biro, the ink doesn't flow fast or smoothly enough. I find it hard enough as it is to write down an idea quickly enough (when I have one of course!). I went through a phase of using fountain pens and gel pens but am curenetly favoring more expensive ink pens.

Nowdays I prefer the quiet containment of the lined page. I like thinnish lines, given the choice, and without margins. Margins always seem like a waste of valuable writing space. The worst kind of lined page for me is like a childs exercise book - wide lines (and few of them) and a wide margin.


hunchermuncher said...

I usually prefer blank paper as it feels less constrained. Writing on lined paper reminds me of being at school - especially if it has margins!

Anonymous said...

I like thin, smooth, lined paper without margins. As you say, a margin seems like a waste of space.