Wednesday, December 06, 2006

wordless Wednesday

spooky self portrait
Originally uploaded by pupski.


Anonymous said...

O this is fine.

Anonymous said...

WOW this is interesting:-).
Happy WW

Jocelyn said...

I like the fact that I had to sit and stare at "you" for a few moments, and as I did, differentand parts of "you" stood out and then receded. What a trip!

Anonymous said...

Yup that's spooky.
But you are not - you're way good looking.
It brought back a memory too. Years ago a friend of mine who had a few bucks commissioned a painter to do his portrait. The end result was interesting - the artist seemed to see inside him and he added things to the background that were symbolic of his troubled past, but that nobody really knew about.
Take care,

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

This is very interesting!

I like it.