Monday, July 31, 2006

Warning HMV can Serously Damage Your CD Covers

A few weeks ago I was given a five pound shopping voucher in return for doing a market research survey about internet companies. I put the voucher into my purse and then completely forgot about it. I remembered it last week when N and and I were in Virgin Megastore looking at the sale items. Yippee money to spend with no strings. I ended up buying two cds in the HMV sale which was very naughty. They were "Rearview Mirror" and "Yield" both by Pearl Jam.

Therein though lies the source of my woe! HMV in their infinite wisdom had stuck £7.99 price stickers onto the front of Rearview Mirror (the cover is cardboard with a foil type picture) and when you peel it off part of the picture comes with it. I was annoyed, true it doesn't look too bad, but it devalues the cd slightly and I like to keep my cds in good condition. I saved the receipt and next time we went to the city I went back into HMV to change it. But after looking at the other copies in the sale we discovered that the same thing had happened to all of them, grrrr, so needless to say I kept the original copy. I do wish shops would think about labeling though. Labels are heard enought to get off of plastic cd cases where it doesn't damage the art work, but they really ought to check when labelling cardboard covers, either that or the record company should shrink wrap delicate covers!

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Dwayne said...

I hate when the labels cover part of the title or description when you're trying to learn more about a new album. There's got to be a better way.