Thursday, July 20, 2006

Things I love

Thirteen Things I love to do - in no particular order!

1…. Make Collage - Hugely satisfying!

2....Writing Poetry

3....Painting - even though i'm not that good at it!

4....having Sex - obviously!

5...Listening to Music


7....Singing - I usually only do it on my own!

8....reading a great novel

9...Swimming in the sea - there's nothing else like it!

10....Taking photos

11....losing myself in a good film at the cinema

12...Watching a really funny play

13...Dancing (not too good at this either!)

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Karen said...

woo hoo! all of those sound good to me- except swimming in the ocean. but I'll sit & look at it, does that count?

Carmen said...

reading a good book is a great pleasure, isn't it? :)

Missi said...

I love to paint on ceramics. I like music and I sing in the car every chance I get. I use to dance, but not so much anymore.

Great TT!!

Mine is up too.

Christina said...

A lot of these sound like fun. Some of these I enjoy doing with my hubby, like #5, 6, and 7 (and others too...LOL) Great list!

Mama Duck said...

So sweet!! Happy TT, mine's up ;).

Tracie said...

Sounds great!

My TT is up!

Raggedy said...

Great list..
my tt is up

Stacy said...

Great list, I like a lot of these a lot too! Music, movies, cooking, photography, and especially reading. Good stuff :)

Have a wonderful day, mine is up too...