Monday, July 10, 2006

Sudden Urge

What is it that makes a person suddenly want to hear a song that they haven't heard for years? Sometimes it can be triggered by something someone says, something you see or aplace you go to. But other times it is just a mystery. A song you haven't heard for years just pops into your head and you know you have to find it and hear it or else. This has happened to me a lot recently. Travelling to Mytelini airport on the journey home from Lesvos I got an overwheming desire to listen to Tenement Funster by Queen from the album Sheer Heart Attack and then at the weekend I kept thinking of the track "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.

Now the Queen one has a tentative connection I suppose, we were driving along in a car at the time and there is a line in the song that goes "or give me an open car" so that kind of makes sense. but the Peter Gabriel is a complete mystery, I only had the song on tape and that was years ago as I am generally not a great Peter Gabriel fan. But suddenly I just had to hear that track. It's all very mysterious.

Back from Hols Playlist

1) In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
2) Tenement Funster - Queen
3) Do it Again - Smash Mouth (a brilliant cover of the Steely Dan song that I heard at little bar in Greece - it took me ages to find out who did it!)
4) Money - Easy Star All Stars (a dub version of the classic Pink Floyd Track - comes from an album called Dub Side of the Moon)
5) And the Healing Has Begun - Van Morrison (sublime!)
6) 36D - the Beautiful South
7) Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin
8) Any Other Name - Thomas Newman
9) Journey Between - Baka Beyond
10) Epoca - Gotan Project
11) For No One - The Beatles
12) Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
13) Adiemus - Vangelis

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