Sunday, April 09, 2006

The sound of Not so distant Drums

Mental note to self - must not play air guitar whilst listening to ipod on a train while sittin opposite cute guy and next to boy friend (however much the Guns n Roses track seems to demand it). Not that I did but I almost did. In fact playing air guitar despite it's hithertoo cool image is just not cool these days unless of course you are a teenage boy aged between 12 and 15 with shaggy hair and spots. Hmm and it's especially not cool for 40 year old women on railway trains - however purple their mp3 player might be.

Also I am saddened to report that Nickleback have been officially ruined for me. It all happened a few weeks ago. I was staying at Hunchermunchers for the weekend and his female prfessional neighbour has a drum machine. It's one of those ones with pads that you hit with sticks, not as noisy as the real thing but just as annoying. Anyway every now and the she has a good old practice. The trouble is the only song she ever plays along to is "this is how you remind Me" by Nickleback (plus she can't keep time!).

This particular weekend she started early, about 8am on the Saturday morning so that was our lie in scuppered for a start and the music went on and on and on. Just when we thought it safe to duck our heads back out from under the covers because she couldn't possibly restart the track, on it went again (yes she was playing upstairs). It went on for at least an hour.

Well that was a few weeks ago now and on the train between Swindon and Liverpool Street I decided to give the track another go. It used to be one of my favourites and there it was nestling innnocently between Led Zeppelin and Oasis in the rock list. bUt no I am afraid to relate that the old magichas definitely gone and any minute I expected the god awful out of time drumming to kick in.

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