Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Funky Monks

aaagh - a week full of the kind of stuff that's not fun. Emergency trip to the dentist, having my boilers serviced, etc.....

I did have some fun today though, coffee with a friend and then looking in the sales. i am pleased to report that I resisted the urge to go into any music shops. In fact the only two sale purchases I made were a pack of funky coloured plastic folders (£1.94 in WH Smith) and a tin can containing solid chocolate Spring Chickens (74p in Jarrolds), although in my opinion they looked more like ducks, but who cares. Both items were for N which makes me feel even more virtuous!

I have watched the 2 dvds this week - Funky Monks - a black and white film about the making of the album Blood, Sex, Magic by the red Hot chilli Peppers and a film called 24 Hour Party People about the Manchester scene around the Hacienda club and mostly about Joy Division, The Happy Mondays ans New Order.

Funky Monks was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend it, I don't like all the chillis music but if you watch this you can't deny that they have got that something that makes a band great and they have such amazing energy and drive. The film alludes to the fact that they closeted themselves in a mansion to make the album. The best bits for me were the manic drumming using huge metal pipes and the brilliant funky bass playing.

24 hour Party People was not so good. I watched it all the way through as the story was interesting but I would definitely not watch it again. The main character Tony Wilson is played by Steve Coogan, and brilliant though Steve is as Alan Partridge he just doesn't cut it as a straight actor. Basically he seems to be the same in whatever role he plays and in a drama that can get annoying. Sorry Steve!

Today's playlist
David Gray - Sail Away
Green Day - St Jimmy
Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a Riot
A-Ha - Analogue (all I want is you)
Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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