Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pretty in Pink?

This is a blog about pink. Pink is ok in fact I quite like pink under the right circumstances, But today everything is pink and it is beginning to get on my nerves.

Let me explain, today I went shoppping with the sole aim of buying some clothes for a very important party that I am going to on Wednesday. I must have gone in twenty shops and could I find anything that I liked or that looked even passably good on? No I couldn't and in part that was because at least three quarters of the clothes in the shops at the moment are pink, and not just powder pink or pale pink (although that would be bad enough) but bright dayglo pink. Dayglo pink is not a bad colour, it can and does look good on some things (stationery, hair and cushions for example) but it is dubious to say the least when made into clothes. It either washes you out, makes your complexion look yellow or makes you look red in the face. There are very few people who can wear it and look good and most of them are under 12 years old.

I can only surmise that pink is the new black!

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