Sunday, June 26, 2005

In Stereo

I am just listening to the new Colplay album "X and Y" at my friend D's house and am thoroughly enjoying it, but what it has made me realise that maybe the reason that I do not listen to so much music these days is that my stereo is not good enough. D has the old fashioned type of stereo, seperate CD player, amplifier, tape deck and record deck - and most importantly good speakers. It could also be because I can't play music loud at my house but I think that it is plain and simple - it just does not sound even half so good on my stereo.

Well if this is the case all my supposition about age, busyness etc could be completely wrong. Maybe we are less likely to listen to a lot of music if it doesn't sound so good. I certainly wouldn't say that it sounds bad on the stereo that my mum bought for me, but it just does not have that richness of sound that D's system has. Hmm I will have to listen to Ray Lamontagne next and see how that sounds

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