Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thirteen things I like about me

Thursday Thirteeners Have this week been Set a challenge to find Thirteen Things We Like About Ourselves

1…. I think that I am a good mum
2. Becoming a reflexologist
3. Doing well in courses - in my BTEC nursery nursing and HNC childhood studies I got mostly distictions.
4. Having a handsome and talented son
5. I think I am quite good at writing poetry
6. My photographs
7. Caring about other people, I am usually better at sorting out other peoples problems than I am my own!
8. Having got through a lot of tough times in my life (losing, a partner, losing a brother, being a single parent) without losing my marbles!
9. My love of music
10. Getting a place at art college
11 My love of literature and art
12 Working part time for years whilst my son was young but always putting him first.
13 My sense of justice and fair play, morals I suppose. I worry about doing the right thing for the planet and everyone on it.

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Tink said...

Congratulations on your list!
I didn't finish the challenge list, so my TT is about something else this week, birthday facts.

MommyBa said...

What a wonderful list!!!

Happy Thursday!

Denise said...

Thanks for playing along! Terrific list!

#8 just proves you're a great and strong person.

Caylynn said...

Very nice list. :)

Tinker said...

number 8....this is what really proves you have character

K T Cat said...

Yes you do write good poetry. I liked "Drops of Light" particularly.

My TT is up.

Ghost said...

Oh what a wonderful list and what a great Mom!

Have a Happy!

PinkJeweledCat said...

This was a good list. My TT was along the same lines. Ta for now dahling!

Jenny Ryan said...

Great list! Way to go on acknowledging so many wonderful things about yourself :)