Friday, September 22, 2006

Laptops and Dreams

It's arrived! The laptop is here although i can't do much with it until I install word and get a wireless router - which hopefully courtesy of amazon is on it's way! It looks good though! Not that that is the issue of course.

So I am almost set up to become a student again. Not only that but I switched my bank account to a student one and now my overdraft is interest free and I can choose 10 cds from cd wow - can't be bad. As you long as you can cope with the years of debt when you finish the course....

Seriously this student business is a little scary, I look at the course outline that I got through the post and I think wow am I capable of this, and am I kidding myself that I can write. Then on the other hand it is my dream and if I don't try I will never know!


Anvilcloud said...

I really enjoy laptops. I like them better although they are not the best for some heavy duty work. For writing, they're great.

pupski said...

yes writing is the thing that I wanted it for...and the odd game of internet scrabble of course!