Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Mac for Winter

Having been on an extensive tour of the art college today, I am getting the feeling that I should have bought a mac instead of an ordinary laptop. Almost every computer on campus is a mac. I just hope that I can transfer word files. It just never occured to me when I bought it - I chose one that would be compatible with my pc and that I could do writing on - and of course one that was within my price range. I probably couldn't have got a mac for that price. Ahh well we live and learn.

On a more positive note it was a beautiful day here in Norwich, more like summer than autumn and the absolute opposite of the torrential downpour that we endured all day yesterday. It was so bad on the coast that there was floooding apparently. The weather has become so whacko in the couple of years I don't know how any government can deny that we are suffering the effects of global warming. I miss the real winters we had when I was younger - they were hard sometimes - when I lived in the countryside we got snowed in a couple of times. But when those winters ended you really appreciated it!

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choochoo said...

I've really enjoyed the warm summer. But yesterday I suddenly started to look forwards to snow, even though I'm fully aware that it'll irritate the hell out of me once it gets here. lol