Monday, September 11, 2006

Buddleia the Beautiful Apocalypse

There is an old disused petrol station on the Unthank Road in Norwich. It has only been out of use for a year or two but it looks like it has been abandoned for a lot longer. What I find interesting is that the plants that have self seeded there aren't what I would expect. Instead of nettles, grass or brambles what is growing prolifically around the site are Buddleia bushes.

Buddleia is one of those plants that does have weedlike qualities. I have a bush that has self seeded in my back garden and his grown massive without any help from me. It also seems to be a plant that is coping very well with Britains climate change. I had a small dark flowered bush that I planted some years ago and it has suddenly flourished this year - so much so that I have had to cut it back.

It makes me wonder though what would happen were humans just to disappear from the world. Maybe our apocalyptic visions of a world covered in spiky brambles and peopled by rats and cockroaches are too pessimistic. Maybe the world would become a beautiful haven filled with flowers and butterflies.

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